Kim Ferrell who?

I spent my childhood drawing, never suspecting that I might find myself choosing art as a profession. Back then I had no idea what a graphic designer was, but I was assured by my parents that applying my scribbles to “commercial art” instead of my bedroom walls was a better career choice. So, I packed my bags for San Luis Obispo where I attended California Polytechnic State University, better known as Cal Poly SLO. I’ve never understood how I ended up with a Bachelor of Science in Art, but that’s what the diploma says.

I began my career in small design studios. Back then hot wax and Bestine perfumed the air, apples only grew on trees, and we developed surgical precision with an x-acto knife. My formative professional years were spent in Los Gatos working for Rick Tharp, of Tharp Did It. It was here that I learned to embrace my sense of humor and value design as a craft. Tharp Did It clients included: Sebastiani Vineyards, Mirassou Winery, Brio Toys, Steamer’s Restaurant, Bon Appetit Catering, and Blackhawk Grille.

Eventually, I sought the health benefits, 401k, over-inflated stock options, and relative job security of corporate America. As a Senior Designer for the Quattro Pro Business Unit and Advertising Art Director for Borland International I traded my x-acto for a MAC and threw myself into the high-tech industry where staying late was indistinguishable from coming in early. Finally, while working late one Christmas Eve, I decided perhaps it was time to open my own studio.

I currently enjoy working with local creative agencies providing illustration and design services to meet the needs of our ever-evolving market. The tools have changed a lot since those early days. I now work magic with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign; and speak languages like html5 and CSS; but occasionally I bust out the paints and brushes to remind myself where I came from. Because, in spite of all the technology, I still see design as my craft and myself as an artist.

Kim Ferrell

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