Cigaroma brand and Packaging

Brand and packaging design borrows styling from mid-century cigar swagger


Cigaroma ~ The Original Aromador

Project Notes:

Brand and Packaging Inspired by Old Havana

Developing the brand and packaging for Cigaroma, I researched vintage cigar boxes, matchbooks, travel posters to Havana, and classic films. My client offered a new twist on the humidor. I quickly found out that they needed to make peace with the afficiandos of cigar culture as the humidor was a sacred vessel. This new idea of flavoring cigars with spirits was viewed with much skepticism among the stogie-smokers. Authenticity was key to providing my client with some “street-cred”.

Inspired by pre-Castro Cuba

Ricky Ricardo was the inspiration for the cigar hombre of our fictional Cabana Republic. The palette uses antiqued hues and classic typography. The copy is fun and delivered with a wink and a nod, inviting people to join the club. We developed the term, Fumemus, as a toast to these spirit soaked stogies. The jar is both the humidor and the point-of-sale package. Everything but the cigars and the booze is supplied within, including a recipe book to get you infusing with enthusiasm.

This project was a lot of fun especially since it gave me an opportunity to bring in fellow Cal Poly design alumni, Jeanette Aramburu and Timothy Harris, to round out the design and production team.

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