Spruce It Up brand

Brand relies on bold logo design with flexibility and fun built in.


Beth Woodworth

Project Notes:

Professional Brand Design will Provide Polish to New Business

My client wanted a fun, colorful brand for her new residential house cleaning business in the Sierra Foothills. The brand needed to incorporate the spruce tree and illustrate the play on words, Spruce It Up. I liked the idea of the tree as a sponge wiping across a field of color. My client wanted to incorporate a house into the logo to communicate the residential services aspect of her business. Ultimately we adopted a flexible approach that allowed her to use both, depending on the application.

The bold, textured logotype may be used independently from the graphic logo. The logo itself may break free from the house, allowing it to be creatively applied across many applications. Allowing the brand this flexibility frees my client to be have a little creative fun promoting her business. I am looking to have sponges made in the shape of her tree as a leave behind promotional item. After we settle the sponge issue we can work on a company car—my pick is a bright green Mini Cooper with her logo swiping across the car doors.

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