Garrrahan Off Road Racing logo and brochure

Brochure and brand for GOT likes to get dirty.


GOT ~ Garrahan Off-Road Training / Racing Team

Project Notes:

Brochure and Brand that Plays with Unique Business Model

Dirt biking looks pretty fun with this team of young riders looking to make their mark on the racing circuit. The G.O.T. logo goes grunge with textured typography and the bike launches through the center O, illustrating the wild ride these guys are on. The brochure makes use of textures, layers, and distressed typography to deliver their no holds barred message. A well-organized grid and thoughtful design keep things clean and cool so the message doesn’t get muddy. The brochure will be used as a self-mailer and promotional tool to inspire new sponsors looking for a winning group of kids.

Agency ~ Mythmaker Creative Services, Santa Cruz, California

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