Corporate brochure and logo design for Expersoft

A modern logo design plays well with whimsical illustration to soften corporate brochure.



Project Notes:

Corporate Brochure and Logo Break Hi-tech Graphic Tradition with Color and Illustration

I developed a new logo design for Expersoft Corporation, a San Diego based software company. The client wanted a modern, youthful, typographic solution. The tall, condensed type face plays with elementary shapes for a clean, easy to read logotype. The Expersoft color palette has a Southern California vibe using grey and purple. This was a refreshing break from the IBM blue and slick photography used by most software companies at the time, accenting instead with a warm palette and injecting humor through whimsical, watercolor illustrations.

Clients can be reluctant to stray too far from the graphic signature of their industries. After all, these approaches have become standard because they have proven successful. Therefore, sound reasoning needs to be applied to striking out on a different path. In our case, we felt the market had become saturated with glossy, slick, photo-dependent solutions. Fortunately, our client was open to the unexpected. They embraced the use of watercolor illustration to make their complex business more engaging and less intimidating.

Agency ~ Abrams Design Group, Mountain View, California

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