identity for bella chi cha brand and packaging

Chi Cha needed an identity for her brand that provided authenticity.


Bella Chi Cha Specialty Italian Foods

Project Notes:

Identity with Personality Incorporated

A new identity was needed for Russo Family Foods that spoke to authenticity. Chi Cha was the woman behind the brand. Heritage recipes and old-world charm craft the product line. McDill Associates convinced the client that rebranding Russo Specialty Foods required a name change to Bella Chi-Cha. I like that it rhymes with “dolce vida!”. We made her new identity the focal point on packaging which displays the layered tortas and bright pestos beautifully. Party-sized portions allow the consumer to easily pop the product onto a serving tray.

A little Sophia, a little Chi Cha

My image of Chi Cha combines a little Sophia Loren and a little Chi Cha. Shedding the sterile name and corporate type solution of the previous logo put a cook back in the kitchen consumers could identify with. This new identity creates a personal connection and sense of heritage that family well with love for fine, fresh Italian food. The company has changed hands and Chi Cha appears to have retired but the identity lives on under new ownership. Probably because a little Chi Cha is good for the soul. Get inspired for your next party at

Agency ~ McDill Associates, Soquel, California

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