Mastronardi Illustration and Typography

Bright illustration and typography dance across this tradeshow shopping tote.


Mastronardi / Sunset Produce

Project Notes:

Playful Illustration and Typography that Work Hard

I was asked to create a design for a shopping tote for an upcoming tradeshow for Mastronardi Sunset; one of the world’s largest growers of gourmet tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. The result is a colorful tote that works hard even when the tradeshow is over. This colorful tote was launched at the United Fresh 2011 Tradeshow in New Orleans where the Core noticed the bag and blogged about it in their review!Sah-weet Success…I Like It!

Leveraging Style

The shopping tote proved so popular that the client requested many more projects using this illustration style and whimsical approach for additional tradeshow items. Collectively they unified Mastronardi’s messaging.

sweet o meter

Fresh Thinking, Fresh Brand

One unexpected result was that Mastronardi was inspired to update their Sunset logo. The old logo used gradients and thin, drop shadow rules which did not reproduce well across all uses. Additionally, each of their products uses a different logotype and packaging design. I found this layered branding strategy to be overly complex and confusing. Our design team had many discussions about how to address the problem of the multiple personalities present across all of their materials and large product line. Sunset must have read our minds as they took it upon themselves to redesign their logo in-house.

Clean and Clear for Improved Communication

Sunset logos before and after The new logo is cleaner and more readable, and bears striking similarity to the sweet-o-meter developed for a 2011 tradeshow. I would have loved the opportunity to be part of a logo redesign for Mastronardi Sunset, but “kudos” to their in-house team. This simpler mark is much easier to integrate. It works well in print and holds up great across all devices when viewed on line.

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