Jewish Studies Event Poster

Simplicity can create a powerful poster design with flexibility for annual lecture series.


UCSC, Institute for Humanities Research and the Center Jewish Studies

Projects Notes:

Poster Connects with Strong Portrait Photography

Each year the Helen Diller Family Endowment provides support to Jewish Studies at UC Santa Cruz by hosting a public lecture series on campus by an internationally recognized scholar. For this poster I was provided a strong black and white portrait of the upcoming speaker. Most of the speakers have these portraits as they are published authors. For this series I decided to maximize the portrait and select simple, classic typography that accents, but doesn’t overwhelm the portrait or the subject. The format and color palette will remain consistent, lending the lecture series posters a strong branded look from year to year.

Black and white portraiture adds class and sophistication. I added richness to the image with filters, and softened a few lines in Photoshop. The orange and bright yellow contrast well against the black and white image and compliment the Jewish Studies logo in the lower left corner and the university logo at the top.

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