Lettering and logo for The Dandy Candy Man and Condommints

Lettering and logotypes are a craft with a rich design history.


Rick Tharp, Tharp Did It

Project Notes:

Lettering is not a Lost Art

I originally drew the lettering and logo without the use of a computer. I employed old-school inking skills with ellipse and circle templates and a steady hand. Eventually I recreated the lettering and logo digitally using the pen tool in illustrator and a steady mouse. The two methods could not be more different but the results are the same. A unique, calligraphic solution with old-world charm and character.

The Story behind the Letters

The Dandy Candy Man was initially designed for a different project altogether. Having been rejected, he was stuffed in storage until he found salvation in his new line of work — hawking a white chocolate mint in the shape of a packaged condom. My employer at the time, Rick Tharp, developed this product with a buddy and together they embarked on a scheme to “make money while they slept,” which I always found a little ironic. They did not get rich with their pet project, but they had a lot of fun with the process.

Agency ~ Tharp Did It, Los Gatos, California
Certificate of Design Excellence ~ Print Magazine
Certificate of Design Excellence ~ Washington Trademark Design Awards

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