Mobilization for a great cause with Invisible Children's Club Tee

Mobilization and graphic design have a long history of high-quality creative collaboration.


Aptos High School Invisible Children Club

Project Notes:

Mobilization for a Great Cause and Giving Back

Graphic designers love to see their work promote the mobilization of a good cause. All of my colleagues have a pro bono account or two that allows them the opportunity to give back. In addition to making a contribution to the greater good, these projects often have the benefit of allowing the designer more creative freedom.

Designing for Sensitivity of Market and Message

My daughters involvement in the Invisible Children Club at her high school gave me just this kind of opportunity. The Club wanted to create a tee shirt design that they could sell to raise money for the construction of schools in regions of Africa recovering from war. Developing an appropriate image for this age group required thoughtful consideration of market and message. I wanted it to feel hopeful and enlightened while still acknowledging the plight of children in war and the African continent as a whole. Creating awareness is the first step in mobilization. Creative Design solutions are powerful mobilization tools that inspire involvement.

The Invisible Children organization created a sensation with their Kony 2012 and Cover the Night campaigns. In spite of the unfortunate press one of their founders received following these events, I still admire and respect their mission. Design opportunities that inspire, mobilize, inform, or unite is incredibly satisfying work.

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