Motivation in Julie Edwards M.A. branding

Motivation from Julie Edwards comes on the back of every business card.


Julie Edwards M.A.

Project Notes:

My Client is in the Motivation Business

Her new career and college counseling services take the overwhelmed and confused and provide structure and guidance. The college application process is a gauntlet. Without her calm leadership we would still be wading through piles of paperwork. It takes a skilled counselor to keep each bewildered client motivated through the long process of college and career pursuits. Each motivational quote was selected with my own families experience in mind, and create great ice-breakers and talking points.

The Simple Logo was Inspired by my Client’s Love for Typewriter Keys

I appreciated the nod to old school sensibilities. Fresh colors create a clean and modern look. Simplicity and creative design makes the solution cost-effective. Different motivational messages and quotes are printed on the back of each card and bookmark. The bookmarks are actually printed two-up, as postcards and cut in half so that we can take advantage of inexpensive digital printing.

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