Promotional Posters for Italian Studies at UCSC

Promotional posters work best when cool design is worked in.


UCSC, Institute for Humanities Research and the Italian Studies Department

Projects Notes:

Promotional Posters and Postcards are Effective and Affordable

The Italian Studies department at UCSC is now offering a Graduate Degree in Italian. They needed promotional posters to get the word out. Tight departmental budgets required an affordable solution. To manage costs the poster template will allow them to update the curriculum every fall without redesigning the entire poster. Digital printing makes small runs possible at a great price. The use of a cool, iconic Italian image, like this Moped, increases the likely-hood of display beyond the typical bulletin board. This poster gets hung up in offices, classrooms, on bulletin boards, and in dorm rooms. With so much Italian imagery to choose from I’ll have fun coming up with a new image each year. If you are looking to work on your Italian, check out UCSC’s Italian Studies.

The Best Promotional Posters become part of Pop Culture

Promotional items that are fun to use are powerful tools that serve beyond their original intent. While I doubt this poster will rank up there with Grateful Dead rock poster from the Bill Graham era, the design borrows from some of the same design principles. “Say it loud, say it proud” is the cornerstone of great promotional poster design.

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