simple logo for powerful business cards

Simple solutions can be powerful design solutions.


Elizabeth Woodworth ~ Executive Assistant | Personal Assistant

Project Notes:

“I just want something simple.”

I hear this request all of the time—invariably it means I don’t want to spend a lot of money. When Elizabeth Woodworth asked me to design a business card for her she emphasized her preference for keeping things simple. I knew budget was an issue. Bold typography is my go-to method of creating simple solutions with rich results. The use of color and strong letterforms on two-sided business cards can really stand out from the typical quick printed solution without going over budget.

Simple need not look Cheap

Taking advantage of  affordable printing options, I decided that two business cards were better than one. Two cards would allow her keep her skill sets separated as the markets are quite different. However, I wanted there to be a strong branded connection; as relationships and cross-over opportunities were likely. Her initials offered a strong graphic solution that connects the services, while color offers them distinction—proving that simple solutions don’t have to look cheap.

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