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Project Notes

WordPress is not just for Blogging anymore

WordPress is fast becoming my favorite platform for creating new websites. While WordPress is better known as a blogging platform, it is fast becoming the preferred CMS for websites. There are thousands of responsive templates to choose from. Countless plugins add functionality. A lively and dedicated WordPress community provides support. My ability to control the design with a child theme allows me to take advantage of this technology without sacrificing creativity.

When is a WordPress Website the Right Solution?

My clients are growing and needed a website; but funds, time, and content are all at beginning stages right now. They only had a few pages roughed out, but I saw the potential for growth and suggested a WordPress website that they could manage. The opportunity for an interesting and lively blog is well within their capabilities as one of the partners is working on a book. A WordPress website will allow them to grow their site as their business grows and give them control of managing fresh content. It will also allow them to easily to add social media to their marketing equation when they are ready. the business plan includes offering their Teacher Training camps at different locations around the world. This inspired the concept of using travel photos and landscapes. AvishaYoga seeks to think outside of the standard four walls of a studio. These images also inspire harmony with nature. However, my favorite image is that of the little statue of Ganesh. I learned this is the Indian god of wisdom and learning. Thinking about a career change? Check out teacher training through AvishaYoga and learn more about their trademarked “Modular Flow System” at their new website avishayoga.com. Tell them I sent you!

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